Activation 4K

I have several activations-worth of QSOs to upload to the SOTA Database, but according to my calculations, I am within ten activations of my 4,000th SOTA activation!

I’ll try to organise it so that it is a decent effort with multibands, multimodes, and plenty of time available.

Watch this space (if you are interested hi!)


Congratulations Tom. I will be watching with great interest. Well Done. 73 de Paul MCQE.

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GB4OOO? :wink:

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Given that CW remains my favourite activating mode - no thanks!

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Stick in a memory, job done. And you can have a brew, roll up a tab and admire the view whilst it’s sending :slight_smile:


After my 4 day jaunt up to GM, we’re almost there:

So tomorrow morning I’ll head out up The Cloud G/SP-015 for my 4000th SOTA activation.

I intend being QRV on lots of bands and modes, so it would be good to work lots of regular chasers.