Activation 3K

Coming in the next few days, will be my 3000th activation in SOTA.

My best estimate ATM is that this will be on The Cloud G/SP-015 at some point on Friday evening.


You are like an activating machine gun.
Congrats, thank you and keep going like that for long.


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Congrats Tom!
A great workout routine!

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More like an M134 Minigun
Congrats Tom!

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The spread looks realistic. Mostly The Cloud and a few extra on the scoreboard hi

Congrats :+1:

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Mostly The Cloud and 453 other summits…

Activation #3000 has just happened on Gun G/SP-013. I will do The Cloud G/SP-015 tomorrow (Friday) evening as planned, but that will actually now be activation #3002 - or possibly #3003.


The last time you passed some inconsequential milestone I recall that you had miscounted in any case. I realise that arithmetic and mathematics are two different things. I was told this by an old friend who was a distinguished Professor of Mathematics, when he could not work out the correct change when buying an ice-cream.


On the occasion to which you mischievously refer, I did not miscount. Granted I had forgotten to enter two activations in the Database, but I did not miscount.

I will concede that the milestone is inconsequential. It must be, since there is no certificate or award for it in the programme.


Well done anyway. :slight_smile:

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More inconsequential milestones…

[Disclaimer: I am by no means the only participant to chase / be entertained by inconsequential milestones that have no basis whatsoever in the SOTA Programme!]

I am once again the most experienced activator in SOTA - 3013 activations. I don’t expect to hold this accolade for long however, as Jan OK2PDT does even more activations than me during the summer months!

In the last 1000 days, I have done 1025 activations. I’m kind of satisfied with that - but it is not a record. In the 68 days of 2020 so far, I have done 144 activations. That’s been good for my waistline and fitness - I really felt the benefit when I played 90 minutes of football last week!

The only problem with doing so many activations is that I’ve no time left to do my website, which is now over 200 activations out-of-date :frowning:

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It’s time for you to bring that website up to date so it doesn’t look like something AOL rejected in 1998 :slight_smile:

You should be looking for something with a lightweight CMS that lets you pull the activation data from the database.

I feel from now on you should only trumpet prime numbers. EDIT: Oh - just looked at the list - please don’t. Go for Double Mersenne primes instead.

I couldn’t agree more Andy.

I’m just a bit stuck on how to do that with the several thousand webpages within. I cannot imagine there is a tool out there that is reliable enough to move it all over to something better without me needing to check through every single resulting webpage.

But there is no field for soup type, or not in the plebeian implementation I see.

Seriously a lot of changes in look and feel can be made with CSS. An afternoon studying CSS can help make lots of changes without changing a line of html - provided HTML has been used properly in the first place (defining structure rather than appearance).

I’ll have to seriously up my rate of activating if I am going to satisfying @G3CWI’s request.

I’m heartened to learn that CSS might be an achievable way of improving the look of my website. I probably need to find a way of editing it in something slightly more up-to-date than my O2003 edition of Microsoft Frontpage too - and a safe way of transferring all the data over. Currently, I use Coffee In A Cup FTP to publish my site after editing.

Any recommendations from the experts on here would be welcome. My website - in it’s current form - is The SOTA section is large with over 2500 webpages, despite the fact I’ve got a lot more to catch up with.

Well done Tom

Maybe… pick a new scheme based on the common blogging sites and play with how to configure and add entries to that. Then just stop adding to the old site and put stuff into the new site. Keep the old one chugging for “hysterical” reasons and only add to the newer and easier to update/maintain site.

You could probably write a script that autogenerates an entry each day picking mainly Cloud then less often Gun/Shining Tor and inserts a 2m FM/C4FM report. You’d only have to create an manual entry for the data/hf entries! :wink:

Seriously, don’t bother trying to port the old site, just keep it running as is and put the effort into a new one.

Another personal inconsequential milestone that forms no part of the SOTA programme:

On Saturday 1st March 2020, I beat my own record for the number of SOTA activations in a day. My previous best was 9, but on this occasion I managed 11. These were:

G/WB-002 Brown Clee Hill
G/WB-004 Titterstone Clee Hill
G/WB-018 View Edge
G/WB-005 Long Mynd-Pole Bank
G/WB-003 Stiperstones
GW/MW-013 Corndon Hill
GW/NW-060 Mynydd-y-briw
GW/NW-049 Gyrn Moelfre
GW/NW-062 Hope Mountain
G/SP-015 The Cloud
G/SP-013 Gun

It was a long and tiring day, but great fun! All summits were activated with just a handheld and rubber duck, on 2m FM and 2m C4FM.

It is only a personal record of course. There are activators in DL/OK that routinely do 14+ activation days. Steve @G1INK did even more once on an attempt to activate 24 summits in 24 hours.

I will attempt to post some photos of the day on the SOTA Facebook group (link at the top-right of this page).

Seems like a pointless task to me. Does it add any value to anyone?