Activating W7M-PS069 & PS070 later today

Just wanted to give a little heads up, this will be my first activation and the first time for these summits. I’ll be on 7.185LSB for voice, 7.110 for CW, 14.175 USB for voice, 14.110 CW, and 10.125 CW. I’ll start with the 40M band and try and stick to that. 73


Please place an alert on SOTAwatch not on here.

Good luck with the activation Bradley , hope you have many good contacts , thanks for posting :mask:

Hi Brad

I hope your activation goes well and you make your required contacts, given how poor conditions on HF are.

BTW, the recommended method of alerting your activation is on the sotawatch site. Some folk shy away from posting alerts because they are concerned their time estimates might be incorrect. But it’s better to post an alert for the approximate time you will be on air. An alert is a plan, not a contract. (Reserve spots for actual signals heard or for cqs). Self-spots are permitted.

On this reflector, there is a separate topic category for activation planning. The Sotawatch topic/category is for discussion “about sotawatch”, so people not viewing all topics might not see a post here. If they look at all categories they see everything.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Hey guys, sorry about the breach of etiquette. I do appreciate the advice.

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