Activating two Houses (W4V/LX-016 and LX-028)

Early fall weather couldn’t have been better this past weekend for activating Big and Little House Mountains (W4V/LX-016 and LX-028). Plus nothing like an afternoon nap in the shade of a maple tree after a successful activation and nowhere to go afterward but down. Technical details, commentary, and photos here: Two house(hold)s, both alike in dignity: W4V/LX-016, W4V/LX-028 – The Return of a Ham – N3II

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David… (I posted on your wordpress)… Varnish that board!!

Well done on MG and 100% uniques!

Richard // N2GBR

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Thanks much, also for your help and encouragement since we first exchanged war stories about unanswered qrp cq’s in May 2016. Cheers, David