Activating TK/TK-031

Being retired since last week, and the weather forecast being optimistic, i activated TK/TK-031 today.
It was a real pain this morning. I will have to train myself and lose the “winter fat” i build up the last months… Too much wine and good food ! :rofl:
Corsica can be very tough in winter, we are lucky enough to have high summits in the middle on the Mediterranean see. While it’s mild on the seaside, it can be very cold in the center of the island, with a lot of snow.
A few kms with snowshoes in a perfect snow and i reached the summit.

This is the summit… Easier to reach in winter than in summer ! :smile:

It was windy and cold and CW was really difficult… I HATE this keyer and will sell it, it’s not adapted to our outdoor activity. Lots of bad contacts, and difficult to hold in place without pushing the paddles…
All in all, a nice activation with 15 QSOs. I had to stop due to frozen fingers and nose dripping on the logbook… :rofl:

Almost alone on this planet ! Some wild animals though…:grinning:
73 Patrick TK5EP


Awesome, beautiful place. Snow is a huge part of my life as well, looking forward to summer temps! Again great job.

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I spent a month in Corsica a couple of years ago. Wonderful island and those mountains are wild and rugged. Well done. Chapeau !

Hi Patric !

Nice to see you doing SOTA Activations. I love the outdoors and SOTA is a great way to combine our great hobby with nature.

Great pictures from your activation, I am surprised to see this much snow in Corsica. Here in southern Iceland, we are having the warmest winter in 100 years.

I bought me a CW keyer form Peter, GM0EUL. It weighs only 23 grams, and I am very pleased with it. It has a good feel to it.
Here is a link to their Website. GM0EUL Morse keys.

I use the VLS Logger by SP7VLS. It´s a free app for the Smartphone, and great for SOTA I feel.

73´s good luck on future activations

Siggi TF3CW

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Hello Siggi,
I did’nt know about this one. Thanks for sharing, i will for sure order one of these in case my Palm goes tired!
i used my palm since 2009 with around more than 40.000 qso (contest style) and it is still alive!
73 from Gerald

Hi Patrick,

I was surprised about the winter on Corsica. Thanks for the nice pictures.
Three weeks ago I made an activation when slight snowfall was changing to drizzle and I felt a vibration inside :grimacing:. There are strong indications in winter to stop an activation :cry:.

73 Ludwig

Thanks for infos Siggi,
I’m searching for someone having a 3D printer as there are some nice designs available…
We have 3 ski resorts here in Corsica, but the last years were dramatic for them, they even didn’t open… not enough snow.
And this year, a lot of snow but lockdown !
73, Patrick

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