Activating Same Summit Twice in One Year Question


I recently activated Wendover Woods (G/CE-005) for the second time in one calendar year and i know i don’t get any points for the 2nd activation but i wanted to check and make sure the chasers still get a point for it?

This is the nearest summit to my QTH and i plan to activate it again in the future but just want to check the chasers actually get the point!

73, James M0JCQ

Yes chasers get the Points. The only exception to the rule is if the summit is activated twice within one UTC day, then the chaser will only get points for one of the activations.

It’s kind that you go out an activate a summit for the chasers when you get no points for doing so - thanks.

By the way Summit to Summit contacts from the summit always count as chaser points for you.

73 Ed DD45LP.

Thanks Ed, that’s good then! To be honest i wasn’t aware i wouldn’t get the points when i went up but it being a one point summit i’m not too bothered :smile: Good to remember for the future though!

73 James M0JCQ

Hi James,

I activated Wendover Woods last week (it’s also my closest summit - about 2 miles away) and I’m re-activating it again today to test a new EFHW antenna and a new 2-m slim-jim on a new (shorter) mast before I travel further afield with that new gear.

Did you still submit your activator’s log (even though you don’t get points)? Is that needed for chasers?

P.S. Enjoyed your youtube videos - they helped me to get into SOTA.

73, Andy (G8CPZ/M0ALC)

Hi Andy, the official advice is log all your SOTA QSOs and let the database figure out what gets points etc. One reason for this is that if we have a large cache of QSOs we can use it for analysis of what works and what people like. Secondly, we may introduce new awards in the future that will be retrospective, In that case a non-scoring QSO in the past may suddenly become valuable.

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Thanks for the prompt clarification, Andy. Will submit my log as you advise.
73, Andy (G8CPZ / M0ALC)

Take a look at my activator log in the Database Andy CPZ!

If you have activated the summit once in the year already, and then you return during a summer or winter bonus period, you will get the bonus points (but not the activating points). I think you get winter or summer bonus points only once during a calendar year.

Chaser points are awarded once per UTC day. For me the UTC day changes at 4:00 p.m. (or 5:00 p.m.). Therefore, if I am doing an activation on both sides of the UTC day, a chaser can chase me twice and get points, while for me it only counts as one contact… (UNLESS I AM ACTIVATING on NEW YEARS EVE under this scenario).

Will a repeated, zero point activation reduce my average-points-per-expedition score?

Yes, it will. But you are the first person ever to mention that average points/expedition value in my 11 years in SOTA!

Thanks, Andy. Feels good to be the first (even with such an irrelevant question :slight_smile:).
73’s de E70AA

Also, each activation during the year will bump your summit count.


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