Activating never activated Corsica summits

Hi everyone,
I’m new new in the SOTA arena.
In 2 weeks time I’m going to Corsica (TK) where I think activating a few summits. I did little checking and found a series of summits never activated.

I have 2 questions:

  • I know how to announce an activation, but is there any proof I have to provide which proves that I’ve actually been on the announced SOTA summit?
  • If proof IS required, what proof should it be? (GPS location data, picture taken of the GPS device, etc.)

Thank you

No proof is needed, SOTA runs on trust. To date there have been few cases of cheating. In most cases it wasn’t deliberate but a misunderstanding of the rules.

But do take photos of the summits etc. if you can and you can share them on here. Corsica activations are few and I’m sure everyone would welcome a chance to view the summits.

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Hi (can’t find your name anywhere),

Thank you for the input.
I’ll make pictures for sure and will also make pictures of the GPS coordinates once I’m there. I haven’t decided for which summits I’ll go there, it’ll depend on the distance from where my temporary home is. (Lumio area)

Don’t mind driving a 100 km or so for a summit activation.

Thank you.
Take care.


It’s Andy, should have clicked on the avatar. :smile:


Oooh jealous! I always had plans to the the GR20 and never got around to it. Maybe one for retirement.

Blimey… I’ve just had a look at the summit list. Hardly anything done. Ideas for a summer holiday! Some of them are going to be pretty hard though.

I KNOW hardly anything done, too late my friend, I’m FIRST!!

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