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Activating CT3/MI - Madeira


Thought I drop a notice for my vacation travel to Madiera between 23rd. February - 2nd. of March. I have been studying the maps and also talked to John, M1NNN and red his previous reports from his visits there.
Most likely I will do all the easy ones that has already been activated before.
I will bring along my MTR 5 and hope that the higher bands will do all the way up to northern Europe. Would be nice to know if someone is nearby, like EA8 or so for QSO on 40 meter. Also S2S would be awesome to get into the log.
73, Jaan


Hi Jaan
Thanks for this future activation !
But maybe you have to change the date : 23 to 28th February & 01 to 02 March :wink:
I’ll look for you sure
73 Eric F5JKK


Not so many days in february, thanks for your eyes Eric.
28/2 to 2/3 are the dates.


Hi Jaan,
My feel is that being in CT3, you’ll find EA8 a bit too close for contacts on 40m. On the other hand, you should be getting lots of chaser calls from mainland EA and CT on 40m.
20m will surely give you chances over all EU.
I hope to be able to contact you when in CT3.
Have fun!