Activating and new call sign?

If you’ve recently updated your licence and call sign can you activate a summit with your new call that you have previously done with your old one in the same year?
Thank you.

Worked fine when the same happened to me…also works if you go to wales or Scotland, the system deals with multiple callsigns from the same account.

I guess this must mean congratulations are in order for getting a 2E0 call?


Hi Matthew.
Thanks Yes it’s 2E0XGO now , since a couple of weeks ago.I heard someone working you S2S the other day , think he was on Robinson but couldn’t hear you from home . Saw you were on the Mells too hope you enjoyed.!
There were a couple of summits I did earlier which I did alone and Mrs XGO would have enjoyed so was wondering If there was an opportunity to redo one with the new moniker I could do so during the next week or so. I just have to figure out where to update the call in reflector and the database now.You don’t realise how many accounts you’ve got set up in various places until you need to change !

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You can activate a summit as many times as you like in a year, but you will only get points once regardless of callsign used.


For the database, go to user account/update your profile and replace “Callsign” with the new one. Add the old callsign to “Alternative callsigns”.

For the reflector, let a moderator know you want your callsign updated.


Yeah cheers I was aware of that , but just wanted it clarified as to whether the points were awarded to the person or the call sign , as it were.

The person.

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Very helpful thanks. I’ve already changed the call in the database , and also changed the call sign in Sotawatch under “update account” . ( I read somewhere DO NOT set up a new account in sotawatch with the new call sign).