Activating a Virgin SOTA Summit (EA1/CT-021 Casanzo)

I’ve written up my activation of Casanzo (EA1/CT-021) high up in the Pico de Europa mountain range in the north of Spain. This is the first time this 8 pointer has been activated and I can’t imagine this happening anytime again soon given its remoteness.


Good report James and I hope you gave ‘Teddy’ a treat as he was your guardian angel :wink:
Well done.
People right now are burning pound/dollar notes - the behaviour is called fireworks which is freaking Bertie the greyhound…
Night night and thanks for your efforts.

I think you’re right Mike, he was a special dog. Would love to have a dog like that back here that was up for SOTA missions. He had stamina that didn’t match his appearance :smile:

Well done for getting in the log Mike, this was the only activation out of 3 in EA1/EA2 where I managed the hop back to G… 2.5w SSB was not a good look during bad band conditions :frowning:

James M0JCQ