Good morning friends we want to inform that next Sunday 12.05.2019 the team composed of I1WKN, IZ1DNQ, IZ1GDB, will be active in the frequencies 2MT, 40 MT, 20 Mt from the VOLCANO ETNA to 3350 meters above sea level, we hope to be able to connect 73 de IZ1GDB

reference sota I/SI-001


I wish you good luck and I hope to be able to chase you.
I hope it won’t be throwing lava out like in the picture you posted.



Buona fortuna, amici!

Last December, I tried two times to activate Mount Vesuvius. Unfortunately, Italian police turned me back from the summit two times. And it wasn’t even steaming. Your target volcano, however, showed quite a bit of activity at that same time. So, sincerely, good luck, old boys.


Buona fortuna! Hope you will have access and a good activation.
All Best, Ken

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I was up there in late Sept 2018., before the major volcanic activity. Was wishing I had my
radio equipment. Buona Fortuna! 73 Karen


Has anyone heard anything from the team yet? I’ve been monitoring Sotawatch but I don’t know if they have cell phone coverage up there to be able to self-spot.

73 Ed.

RATS! I missed them while watching the Spanish F1 GP.


I hope a lot of others could catch them and they have returned safely from their first VOTA activation and are celebrating as only Italians can!


We have few details about it.
The weather was not optimal, however the activation was successful, they worked 40 and 20mt.
The members of expetion are fine.
I was listening from my qth, abt 1000km north from the volcano, but I heard only some chasers in qso with them. I didn’t receive any signal from Etna.
We are waiting for a nice report!
73 de iw2obx Roberto


Through my participation with AR Newsline, we received the following from Beppe and Riccardo and they asked we post it to the reflector. The story will be in next weeks ARNewsline broadcast.

Hi everybody.
Sunday we had an hard and cold day on Etna. As team leader I choosed to support ( also physically supporting the antenna-pole , HI ) my younger friends IZ1DNQ and IZ1GDB. I can’t use VHF SSB as usual , so I don’t have used my call, neither the club call IQ1TO . Bad weather and the rules of Park of Etna allowed a short Time for activation . They had only few QSO on 40 & 20 m with an HyEnd Fed antenna : in bad condition, not on the top, but 20 m down the SW border of crater, between rocks, for wind protection, so they had low signal with italians and few european (i.e. EA2DT , OK2PDT ). As soon as possible the complete report with photo , video and GPS track, but I will send all to the Italian Manager for confirmation.
I hope to return to Etna in better & warmer condition ( sunday night new snow on the top ! ) for my personal activation and for other chaser’s satisfaction.

73 by Beppe I1WKN