ACR 2880 Emergency Personal Locator Beacon Review - PLB

I have been hiking with a PLB in my pack for two years. Here is link to a quick review I wrote of the device I use. Click link PLB review

Hi Walt,

Same here; Kay (KE7BGM) and I carry a slightly different model of the same unit for the same reason.
When I’m solo, bushwhacking out in the wilderness, I carry it. Even when we’re together, we take it, because neither of us would be able to get the other out for a major problem, and cell service in S. AZ is marginal, at best. It’s a very nice backup.

Lately, I’ve been taking the DeLorme in-reach, as well; that allows Kay or chasers to keep track of my position for SOTA purposes, as well as peace of mind.

Thanks for the reflector post.
Ken, K6HPX


Hi Ken,
I’ve been using aprs for tracking, with good success here in Colorado. The DeLorme looks very nice and lightweight and has some interesting features. I think ACR may also be offering a similar subscription service to DeLorme for those who want to broadcast real time tracking info.

73, Walt W0CP

I’m also often out alone and originally I took a satellite phone. In theory great but the practice was poor reception, dropped calls and far too expensive. When the contract was up for renewal I gladly opted for a deLorme inReach which I have been super impressed with especially to Ken’s point that people (wife, possible chasers and others) can follow where I am. Despite it subscription I am happy with its value.

The western US is a vast, inhospitable and lonely place when you are in trouble.


And you can use an InReach to self-spot your SOTA activations too!

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I see that deLorme is now part of Garmin.

Yes, and since Garmin took over, the InReach message format has changed and changed and changed which forces a job onto to me to keep up with them when handling self-spots. Grrr!

I also have the Garmin inReach Explorer and it’s loaded with features I really like it a lot, including:

  • 2-way satellite texting,
  • Bluetooth interface to my smart phone and the free Earthmate® app
  • Ability to set routes and waypoints before I go out
  • Real time tracking
  • Interface with social media
  • Compass
  • SOS feature (triggers an interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center)
  • Barometric altimeter and accelerometer

Since getting the Garmin more than a year ago, my wife has greater peace of mind because she can see my actual position on a map online, the route I’ve taken and detailed data like GPS coordinates and time of day for every “cookie crumb” the Garmin drops on the map every 10 minutes when I’m in motion. Plus we can exchange satellite texts when I have no cell service. This handy little device has made both my trip pre-planning and execution so much easier.

If you decide to get one, be sure to take the time to learn how to use all the features.There’s lots of YouTube videos and other resources available.

Paul K9PM


And another ditto from me too Walt. I like the sound of the inreach but not the subscription :confused:. The PLB meets my needs as a solo walker. If I was doing frequent multi-day hikes I think the inreach would be on my Christmas list

How many G’s do you pull on an activation?


…and don’t forget the GW’s, GM’s, GD’s, GI’s, GU’s and GJ’s :slight_smile:
I’ll get my coat…


1 - when you fall off a cliff!

You pull a lot more than 1G when you stop at the bottom of the cliff :grin:

I must admit that on a few activations I almost needed the accelerometer feature! :fearful: