Accented characters in "mouse over"

In the course of doing something unrelated, I managed to run the mouse over the spot data for HA2VR/P. I notice that the summit name has some “unprintable default” characters where the real name has accented letters. With the increased likelihood of accented letters in summit names as France joins SOTA, can this be corrected?

73 de Les, G3VQO

Hmm. I am struggling to identify the problem here. However, I am 95% sure I can fix it. I have done some tests elsewhere to confirm but I can’t track down why the character set is being limited by this particular page. It’s probably staring me in the face and will be obvious the next time I try and track it down.

OK, this was a pig. It was clearly a character set issue but this is defined in so many places from Apache, the web server to various bits of my templating and code. It took me a while to track it down but it is now fixed!

Thanks Jon !!!