AC4M New Mountain Goat in Tennessee

Congratulations to Craig, AC4M who achieved Mountain Goat status this morning with the activation of W4V/WV-006.

Congratulations Craig on becoming North America’s latest Mountain Goat.

73 Rich N4EX


Trying to work you now!!! LOL


Congratulations thanks for all contacts
73 Chuck

Congrats AC4M Grat job… Thanks for all the points.
Dow (W4DOW)

Wow, that’s 17 MG’s in North America, and we are churning them out faster and faster. See what you Brits started over here? There’s no stopping, now. We’re a perpetual motion machine, even if you pull the plug. Congrats to AC4M, who, just a few days ago, activated 6 peaks in a bit over 12 hours. Don’t know if that is a record over here.

Elliott, K6EL
Stat Rat

Nicely done Craig!

I was hoping you could have pulled it off in the past couple of days ahead of me, because being #17 sounded so cool - but #16 works for me - and that made for two W7O MG in a row…
Would you like to have NA MG #17 on your trophy?


Well done Craig and it was a pleasure working you on your MG Day S2S!

Welcome to the herd.
73 WH6LE

Thanks all , it was fun to get 1000 points, I never thought I could do it.

Congrats Craig. Another GOAT in the hills!