AC1Z new MG

AC1Z, Bob, became new Mountain Goat today. Way to go, BoB!


Well done Bob! I’ll be in touch…
Richard // N2GBR

Way to go!!


Well done Bob. Congrats on the Goat status.
Gary A. - W0MNA

Bob, AC1Z, of New Hampshire, has chosen Mt. Washington to score the 10 points today that put him at 1,000.
Congratulations Bob
73 and many more
Merle and Herm

Congrats Bob…great job ! Glad I got ya on Mt Washington today !

73 and keep going…
Bradenton, FL

Congrats Bob! Hey, I did listen for you… No chance thanks to condx…

73, Dan NA6MG

Congratulations Bob. It was great to work you today as you reached the MG milestone.

73 Rich N4EX

Congrats Bob! Thanks for all the contacts over the past few years. Keep activating OM!

73, Brad

Good show, Bob !
Glad I could get you on 20m ground wave today.
73 George N1GB

Congratulations, Bob! Thanks for all the QSO’s from and to summits!
Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations Bob on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations! Always fun to get W1 chasers/S2S in the log from W6. Hope all the alpine flowers were blooming for you on top.

Jeff, kb1kxl

Congratulations. I was lucky enough to work you today. Good luck on future activations.

73, Charlie, K0LAF

Congratulations Bob, tnx for all the activations
73 GL

Congratulations Bob! You’re awesome as both activator and chaser!
Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Bob! And thanks for the many contacts chasing, activating and s2s.



Congratulations, Bob, and thanks for the contacts!
Peter KD0YOB

Great going Bob! We’ve got a healthy, growing herd!

Congrats to Bob AC1Z on MG!!

Bren [nu7ta]