AC1Z, Bob, Gets 4x Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Bob, AC1Z, for earning his 4x Mountain Goat today, March 20, 2022, (4001 points) on W4V/SH-005.
Always great to work you!
73 Gary



Good sigs into AZ today on your X4 goat activation.

All Best, Ken

Congrats Bob! And nice to QSO from your 4K site!
John, K6YK

Congrats Bob on making the 4X Goat status. That’s a lot of summits. Thanks for making a contact with me on your 4X summit.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Great work what was your average that’s a lot of summit hikes.
vk5cz Ian …

Congrats and great stuff Bob.


Congratulations, Bob!

73, Jonathan

Congrats Bob. MNI TKS for QSOs
73 José

OMG - he must have one hell of a pair of legs on him!
Bob is an awesome chaser as well, a credit to the hobby and SOTA in particular.

Congrats Bob!



Great job. Thanks for all of your chases as well.

Congrats Bob. Always good to hear you whether activating or chasing!

Ken, W4KAC

Hi Bob

Congrats! Always a pleasure to work you. WITH sunspots improving we might be able to make more S2S.
All the best and keep going!
73 Bruno HB9CBR

Congrats Bob! Always a pleasure to hear you on the air. You are one of the few east coast activators that I can consistently make contacts with. Keep on doing what you are doing and we will see you at MGx5!


-Josh WU7H

Amazing job Bob!
Thanks for QSOs!
hpe cuagn


Congrats on 4X! Always great to hear you and see your photos on FB!
73, Jim

Congratulations Bob on 4X Goat!! Nice to see you and your XYL on facebook! Great pictures! Thanks for all the chaser points Bob 170+ times in my logs.
73, Gary K3TCU

Scott kw4jm

Congratulations Bob, always a pleasure to work you.
Take care,
73 de Ignacio

Hi Bob, congratulations on your success, you are one of my most frequent chasers from over the pond. Looking forward with improving conditions to log a first S2S with you!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Congratulations Bob.

Was good to meet you on North Marshall, W4V/SH-009, on Friday. Didn’t realize you were that close to getting your 4th goat.

Doug, N7NGO

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