Abrupt end of activation on DM/TH-013 (15m)

Sorry for the abrupt end of my activation on 15 m.
During whole activation there were strong guts of wind. Before the last QSOs on 40 m I already had to reerect the pole nearly blown over. While calling on 15 m wind got stronger and the pole was about to be blown over again. Getting it back to a suitable position was difficult in now constant, strong wind.
So I decided to give up and go qrt quite abruptly. Anyway I had to leave as I wanted to descend before darkness.

So sorry to all I have missed. But things look different on top of a mountain than in a chaser’s armchair in the shack.

To answer Manuel’s (EA2DT) question left unanswered on band:
As always I was working with 5 W out of my FT-817 with a vertical* antenna of 10 m height with four radials.

*At least until the wind guts had tricked the pole fixture.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Hello Michael,
Very pleased to have spoken with you today on 40M and did listen for you on 15M -nothing but now explained!

“But things look different on top of a mountain than in a chaser’s armchair in the shack.”

Absolutely right. Outside right now there is heavy rain and gusts of wind - would I like to be on a summit or home and warm. Maybe too old but I prefer dry and warm.

Thanks very much for all your efforts.


Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for your call and S2S QSO today on 20m SSB.
Sorry to hear about all the troubles you had due to the strong wind.
You made it right on your QRT, as it doesn’t make any sense putting yourself or your equipment at stake for a few more QSOs. There will be many more SOTA days to com and QSOs to be logged.
My experience was much nicer today. Just a soft breeze and no problems to hold the GP antenna in place. The summit was so densely covered with not too tall trees, that I had to find like the hole of a needle between branches and sleeves to pass the top end of my fishing pole through. They served perfectly to keep it perfectly vertical.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Arm chair yes indeed
you do tend to forget what it can get like up there especially the wind factor

Ddid work you couple times saturday
But alas not sunday
But again thank u for your time and effort
for us arm chair stations :slight_smile: