Above the fog on NW-051

Last Sunday morning was the third cumulative 4m contest so as a change from operating from the vehicle based portable station I decided to go up to my usual backpacking site on Foel Fenlli, NW-051.

I left home at 08:45 in thick fog and a temperature of 5C and 15 minutes later arrived at the Bwlch Penbarra car pack in glorious sunshine and a temperature of minus 0.5C!

Got to the summit and feasted on some spectacular views of the fog filled valleys. I took some photos but of course they don’t do full justice to what the eye sees!

I was so carried away with admiring the views and taking photos that I was ten minutes late starting the contest!

I had 32 contacts in the two hour contest and it was just like sitting there on a summers day - very enjoyable.

Packed up the 4m gear and had four contacts with the 2m handy, GW7AAV, 2E0PXW, GW0DSP and a S2S with M3UUM/P, then off home for lunch.

Great morning out!


In reply to GW4EVX:

Very pleased to at last work you on NW-051 during a 4m contest. I have seen you post contest activations from there in the past, but never found you. Thanks also for the new WAB area for my vhf collection!

73 Graham G4FUJ