While reading the posts about Karl - KA3RCS disappearance and death, I learned that Glenn - AB3TQ passed away unexpectedly on March 4th. He and Karl were friends as well as participants in SOTA.

RIP Karl and Glenn

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Sorry to hear that Glenn AB3TQ is now silent key.

Jimmy M0HGY

What a shock. Glenn was regularly in contact with me by email. He did an excellent job rewriting the SMS manual.

Condolences to his family and friends.

Sorry to hear about Glenn.

His manual on SMS Spotting is extremely useful. When I was in the Philadelphia area a few years ago he gave me some summit suggestions, though a joint activation didn’t work out. :frowning:

Looking back in Glenn’s Activation log I see the I was the very last SOTA contact he made at 21:30 on Feb 5th. Sad


I just learned about his passing. He was a sweet man. He could have activated more summits, but he always insisted that others go first - and then he never wanted people to wait on him. (no matter how much you’d argue with him) Both of these kindnesses resulted in him walking away from summits without activations.

I will remember the big smile on his face on one summit. He’d carry a 100W radio and a 20W Alex loop antenna. I convinced him to use a 100W end fed and then had to nudge him to crank up the power. He was making so many contacts, he couldn’t believe it - he asked me why nonSOTA folks were responding to his CQ. When I said “because they can hear you” and now that they did, he needed to be a SOTA ambassador and describe SOTA to people. He just beamed.

With the last recent post from N3ICE, this thread has come back to the top and I realise now that I had completely missed. What a shocking sad news…
RIP Glenn and my condolences to his family and friends.