AA7DK 12th Arizona Shack Sloth

Congrats to Dennis, AA7DK, for becoming the 12th Shack Sloth from Arizona. Pretty sure Arizona has more Sloth’s than any other state. Good job Dennis! Welcome to the club…

W7A Association Manager

In reply to WA7JTM:
Congrats to AA7DK for Shack Sloth… Good Job
Dont Stop now… Keep on Going.
On Total Shack Sloths I knew there is a lot in W4C
Went and checked and I see W4C has 13 People over the 1K for Chasers.
Good Job AA7DK
de W4DOW #1 Chaser in W4V

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True, W4C has more sloths than Arizona, however W4JKC and KI4SVM are in South Carolina, so NC has actually 11 Sloths…so technically the state of AZ has more than NC…not that it really matters. Both states have lots to brag about when it come to Shack Sloths.

Now when it comes to GOATS, I don’t even want to talk about those New Mexico guys…it must be something in the water out there…