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A week in the DM/SX-OK/KA border region

Between 8-Feb-2016 and 14-Feb-2016 I will be in Oberwiesenthal and hope to be able to activate several summits on both sides of the border. Depending on weather and snow I will choose summits from following list:
DM/SX-001, DM/SX-002, DM/SX-004, OK/KA-001, OK/KA-002, OK/KA-003, OK/KA-004, OK/KA-005, OK/KA-006, OK/KA-010, OK/KA-053, OK/KA-054
Volker, DK2MT

Hello Volker,
Do you want to use 2m/70cm as well?
Just to let you know, Saxony (Sächsischer Bergwettbewerb) main activity has changed from 145.575 to 145.425 MHz.


Hi that is nice,
I will try to activate them as well from Febr 27- Mar 3. Of course the SX first in februari!, most of them are deleted after end of febr.
QRV with my friend Sake PA0SKP. Using HF, but will carry my 2m/70cm porto as well in this case and call on 145.425. ( Thanks DL8WJM)

73 de Hans PA3FYG

Hello Hans,
If you refered to my post then: the frequency is 145.425.
Otherwise, you are free to use any frequeny on 2m …

sri, not read yet, I will change it!!!

73 de Hans