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A travel pole that can be taken into an aircraft cabin?

Thanks Dave, yes that would be an option, a loan of a pole. Its a bit awkward to plan as we will probably be doing some miles in between the arrival at Birmingham and the activations. Anyway, after a weekend away in South West of NI I returned home to a delivery safely taken in by my son. Its the new travel pole and wow is it compact! I will test it out after the next weekend, by the way the company who supplies them is to be highly recommended, they are UK based and very, very helpful. After I test I will give you more information :slight_smile:

OK Ian, we’ll no doubt speak in person about it at Bushvalley. I’d better crack on & get the rally stuff prepped!

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This is on my list if I need a compact travel pole. My current pole is a long 10m pole.

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That looks very, very similar to the one I had delivered Anthony and it looks to be the same company, they are great to deal with direct :slight_smile:

Yes Dave, looking forward to our small Rally on Sunday, I am also keen to add to our book collection numbers so hope you bring some along :slight_smile:

It’s cheaper direct as well.

Bringing full rally stand, Ian. (and your and Esther’s awards!)


As way of update on this topic. We did travel from Belfast to Birmingham and back on the same route. The conditions changed in that we had to book a bag into the hold to carry kit that our daughter requested to be taken over to her at University. So the rucksack and travel pole went into the hold bag and the radio, batteries and GPS went into the cabin bag. We had no problems going out from Belfast and on the return leg the ID51 HT was the only item that needed checking by way of a swab. All in all a great trip, the weekend was great and we got to do one activation in Central England before visiting relatives and new members of their family. The travel pole was a great buy and so easy to transport both in the suitcase and in the ruck sack :slight_smile:


I use a fiberglass pole from sota beams it does the up on for me.

Aha, they also do a 10m model at a reasonable price (no good for cabin baggage, but useful for a wire antenna at the home QTH perhaps) - shame they don’t ship outside of the UK…


I’ve used this vendor in the past for homebrew rotating dipoles and other antenna projects over the years. Not quite what most are looking for, but do believe they ship overseas ?? Also, looks like they do not collapse below 46 inches, so will not fit in carry-on luggage…I’ve also been using a carbon avalanche probe lately and it’s been working quite well. Really small and lightweight. Scored it for a fraction of original cost on a clearance sale.


73, Todd KH2TJ