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A time to remember

It was sad news that on Tuesday 14/11/2006,
we lost our Sota sister MW0YLS,
Two years have passed and everytime we adventure on the summits a few remember her
Me and Myke (g6ddq) was talking today about her last activation NP-015 Great Knoutberry.
Rest in peace Shirley.

always in our thoughts,

Steven m0sgb

When we enter the database, sometimes there is a picture of her; very appropriate way to remember Shirley by.
I never spoke to her but she looks like a very nice lady.
R.I.P. Shirley.


Shirley was a wonderful person and a great friend. She was also, of course, a highly skilled mountaineer and radio op - VHF/HF, FM/SSB/CW. Shirley made a massive contribution to the SOTA Programme, organising logoed T-shirts and sweatshirts, staffing stands at rallies, supporting the SOTA youth hostel weekends & camp/BBQ events and promoting SOTA to newcomers. Many regular activators, myself being one of them, were introduced to SOTA and enticed to do their debut activation by Shirley.

She was of course one of our very first Mountain Goats (the 2nd after M1EYO IIRC), and indeed one of the first Shack Sloths. She ran a thriving amateur radio club at the school in Chester where she taught English, and some of her students went on to become SOTA activators after gaining their licences.

Shirley’s home station radio equipment is now based at the school where I teach in Stoke-on-Trent, and is used every Friday afternoon in my Year 7 curriculum enrichment radio course. We are usually on the air at some point between 1pm and 3pm on a Friday, and if you work me and/or receive a greetings message from one of my pupils, you know that it will be one of Shirley’s rigs we are using.


In reply to M1EYP:

I never met her, but I noticed when I worked her that she had a wonderful, warm voice. R.I.P.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M0SGB:
Remember it well Steve. The weekend at Dent YH, before those “shiney’s” used their calculators to close the super place. This was also the first time we met James and co from the highlands of Essex.

Also remember walking with Shirley up to the summit where Tom, Jimmy and your goodself were awaiting our arrival. Still have a picture somewhere of that group.

Shirley was one of the nicest people in SOTA and I for one shall certainly miss her.

Sleep peacefully and watch over us YLS

In reply to G6DDQ:
yes myke i remember it as it was yesterday,
can remember walking up the summit with jimmy, and Tom walking with Liame and Bobbie, until Bobbie wanted to go and play radio with 2e0nhm in the car, where it was warm hi hi,

Yes its sad when we miss others, i can also remember Riley G7??? doing his bit for sota.

GOD BLESS those not with us anymore,


Steve m0sgb

(thanks for the company yesterday Myke)

I well recall Jimmy tearing off at stupid pace with yourself Steve. As you say, I was walking with Liam, and your daughter Bobbie who was excellent company. I was also supposed to be walking with Shirley, who was starting to get rather unwell but really wanted to do an activation. Both Myke and myself volunteered to accompany her slowly up the hill and look after her. As it turned out, by walking with Liam I couldn’t keep up with her! However, I remember Bobbie was pleased as she enjoyed the steady sluggish amble with Liam, much preferring it to the ridiculous pace you march at!

This was on G/NP-015 if anyone wants to click via the ‘Summits’ link above and see the photos. (The first page that will come up on my website is our most recent visit there, but there is a link to this big youth hostel weekend joint activation at the bottom of the page).

I did several joint activations with Shirley, and the photos are all on my website (use links via ‘Summit’ link above). Off the top of my head, we did Mwdwl-eithin, Mynydd Enlli, Fair Snape Fell, Y Golfa and Great Knoutberry Hill together, but I’m sure there must be more.

Riley G7GOD or sometimes M/KB8PPG - yes, quite a character who also used to join in with the SOTA youth hostel weekends. I have a few photos of Riley on joint activations on my White Hill, Moel Famau, Foel Fenlli, Ingleborough and Whernside pages - but not the most recent pages - mainly 2003 and 2004 I think.


In reply to M0SGB:

Also I never met her, not in visu or on the bands.
Can I bring via these way homage and my sincere participation to the family.


Luc ON6DSL and Xyl Annemie and family
Nick ON3DSN - Liesbeth and Tim - Vanessa and Thys