A Super Tuesday

A Super Tuesday, after a calm Monday …
Thank you very much (I do not think I’m the only one to think) operators like Karl DL2XL / P and Paul OE50SPW / P offer three peaks in one day. I do not forget Petr OK1DPX / P with its two peaks, (I could not contact him in his first ride today because my 5w). I hope one day to return the favor. It’s really encouraging to see what they can do with little means. Again thank you to activators.
A special thank you to Paul for his special viewing of “QRP” and those who interrupt their call when they hear “QRP”. That is what I consider part of the HAM spirit


In reply to F5JKK:
Eric, just wait next summer and with F5HTR and F6HBI we will offer you 5 X 10 pts from Mercantour summits ;-)). May be i’ll be QRV in Corsica and i’ll prepare TK/TK-001 and few others ones … ;-)) and so on … SOTA fever

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