A special day

Today in Germany we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reunification of our country.
While attending a Radio Amateur Meeting near Chemnitz, Saxonia, I was able to activate my 250th unique SOTA summit, with 25 contacts on HF.
I grew up in former West Germany and today I made this activation on DM/SX-142, which is located in the former German Democratic Republic. In the old days this would have been impossible.
My thoughts and thanks go to those brave people who made this possible.


Congratulations Martin - the perfect way to celebrate this historic anniversary!


My god is it 25 years on now.

Still rings in my head back in 1988 just to be a regular reporter of SWL to RBI working me way up the awards system they had and its one of the biggest ISWL qsl collections, i have damn great book full.

One day during writing up latest batch of Reception reports I asked a very simple question. " What you guys going to do when the wall comes down and germany is reunified"

To my surprise they did air and answer my question. They said it never going to happen. Hmm following year it happened and the station closed down the following year.

Still got me RBI-4000 award some where in loft among the others of many from Radio Berlin International.

Like said god has it been 25 years now.


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no way :slight_smile:

Gonna have to dig mine out and photo copy
Any body else do the RBI thing


Martin, as a child in the 60s and 70s I was fascinated by maps and one day acquired some surplus ex-USAF air navigation maps for the Western Atlantic and Europe. I had them on my bedroom wall and used to look at all the countries in the East, GDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria etc and wonder if I’d ever be able to visit. At that time I never imagined things would change so much. If you would have said that people would travel from the UK on a cheap flight to spend a weekend in Prague or Bucharest or Riga people would have though you were mad!

Hard to credit it was only 25 years ago.

Here’s one for you andy

My father never thought in his life time he would be able to go home and visit whats left of the family. During the 90’s he did thus and reckoned not changed much since the war. Even his sister made it over from the East to visit us. Won’t forget when we took her to the market she was SO amazed on what was on offer and what we could buy especially on the fruit stalls. She made her self ill for time enjoying our fruits they did not have being diabetic.

Hence my connection with germany goes back a long long way traced back to 15th century Hence the sir name Kruger.

Mother was Dresden born she still remembers the night of the big plane raid and Dresden burnt to the ground in one night. Only because me grandmother had gut feeling to get out of town that night, they lost a lot of friends and family that night.

Lot has changed in past 25 years