A Sota Ninja on G/NP-025

There we were just basking in the early spring sunshine M3GNS Mike and i G4CPA,
Geoff, A couple of Craggies on Thorpe Fell Top, When i happened to glance up and there appearing out of the mist was this vision of a Sota Ninja,in the form of G1INK Steve,it was an awesome sight,but what a great moment,and a great pleasure to meet him for the first time,then we clobbered that summit
with just about every band and mode we had. a great day out on the NP,s

Thanks Steve,73 de G4CPA Geoff es M3GNS Mike.

In reply to G4CPA:

Hi Geoff, good to meet you & Mike yesterday. I enjoyed working a leisurely 60 odd contacts in the late Winter sun. If you can organise a few more of these activations on Thorpe, we may even get that badly needed path worn into the heather to the trig point hi.
73 Steve G1INK.