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A simple lightweight tripod mount for mobile HF whips

I thought, this short article I have written may be of interest to others looking as I was for a simple way to get an antenna supported on a difficult to get to or busy summit (i.e. where I can’t get my linked dipole installed or it’s too far to carry the Antron A99).

I’ve used a few different mobile type whip antennas with this mount. My current favorite is the Kommunica HF-PRO-2 which works as well as a small loaded whip can work. Diamond also remarket the same antenna but at a higher price.

Here’s my article on the tripod:

In case anyone is interested I also did a review on the ICQ Podcast of that HF-PRO-2 antenna that can be heard as part of the show here:

73 Ed.

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Ed, I enjoy listening to ICQ Podcast and always appreciate your comments about SOTA! Nice review.

Keith KR7RK

Hi Keith,
It looks like I may have converted two of the other presenters to SOTA as well, both Chris and Martin R are getting interested, I have heard…

Yes, the ICQ Podcast guys are a fun group.

73 Ed.

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