A short trip via LA to SM/VL

Just came home from a quick trip this weekend, from the deep forests of Värmland, SM/VL. At work, my desktop neighbour have a small hut there and he got info from the police that it was possibly that the hut got some unwelcomed visit by thiefs. So he needed to get there to check this up and asked me to join. He have diabetes (as i do) so being there alone in the deep forests without coverage of cellphones is not an option.

To get there we need to drive via Norway and on the way up thru SM/VL to Norway I noticed several interesting summits, same also on way home today via a different route total about 700 Km. I recognized some of the summits from my earlier search on maps, they do look promising and impressive, but sadly knowing they are not passing the 150 metre limit of prominence, but on the other hand saw and wroted down others that would be worth to check up…

The 32 hrs visit at the hut was pleasant. Located very remote, almost on the border of SM/LA (in SM/VL) at a small lake several kilometres from nearest habitated place. To get there one must park in LA and hike a few hundred meters from a very small road.

There is no power or telephone lines. No GSM/UMTS coverage. Silency is total except the sounds from the seabirds and mosquitos… And NO interference at all in my QRP-rig!! And of course I got a few SOTA:s in the log too :-).

73 SM5KRI/P Chris