A second mountain goat for René, HB9NBG

The SOTA score of René, HB9NBG, in meters above sea level has reached now a height level that is considerable even for Swiss SOTA summits. Congrats René for these 2,000 meters resp. your second goat! This is the starting point for additional flexibility in your goat herd: you can do that now of your own instead of using constantly Carine’s goat, hi.

René and his partner Carine, HB9FZC, enjoy being above 2,000 m. At present, they are an a big tour around the Valais region HB/VS, and René has already used all possible superlatives for it on the bands. Maybe they will prepare a further Youtube video – or something else, we’ll see.

So enjoy the SOTA programme, the good meteo at present and the magnificent mountains around the homeland of Carine!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


well done René

73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)


Well done Rene pleased to work you again today.
Enjoy you holiday tour with Carine.88/73 Don G0RQL.

Gratuliere Rene`zur 2.Geis.
und noch viel Spass in den Bergen.
Grüße auch an Carine.
73 Heinrich

Congrats, René and thank you for the QSOs (6 QSOs from 5 different summits)


Lieber René, herzliche Gratulation zum zweiten Mountain Goat! Ich wünsche euch beiden weiterhin viele schöne Touren und Aktivierungen, und bedanke mich für das gestrige S2S :smile:

vy 73, Manuel HB9DQM

Good job Rene. Well done. Keep going.
73’s de Mike - 2E0ESY

Good morning everybody and thanks very much to you all for your congratulations and especially a big thank to Markus, HB9DIZ for your post :grinning::grinning:

We were returned from 18 awesome SOTA-Days with great mountain hikes in the Swiss Alps yesterday evening. Overall we could activate 26 summits - 3 of them were First-activations and 7 of the 26 were above 3’000m a.s.l. . Now we are a Little bit tired, but fortunately one week of our summer-Holidays left, and so we look forward to activate a few more summits in the upcoming week… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

On my Facebook account (you can search for Rene Lutz or for HB9NBG in Facebook) you can find fotoshows from all of the SOTA-tours, which we’ve made the last three weeks. For those, who don’t have Facebook, following some great impressions…

Thanks very much once again and hear you on the next summit :grinning::grinning:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC


Hallo Rene`, gratuliere zur der zweiten Ziege und wie es ausschaut wird die Herde immer größer :slightly_smiling_face:

73 markus in3adf