A remote question

Hi folks … Recently a fellow ham was on a certain summit, while I was using different remotes station to contact him from my QTH. While he was on that summit, I made (as a chaser) 2 qsos with him on 2 different bands operating 2 different remotes stations (located thousands of miles apart). Supposing that he already logged 2 contacts on that summit, would these 2 contacts with me (so 4 on total) validate his activation? My understanding is that he should contact 4 different transmitters to validate the activation…and not necessarily 4 different operators (call signs)… Am I right?
Thanks de VE2PID


Transmitters are not mentioned in the rules. They say “ In order for the activation to qualify for the points attributed to that Summit, a minimum of four QSOs must be made, each of which must be with a different station. ”

Four different stations requires four different callsigns. Four different licenced operators, each using their own callsign are considered to meet this rule, whether they are using the same radio or not.

The rules are published as PDF documents on the site linked above as SOTAhome.

Select Joining In
then General Rules,
Then download or view the General Rules PDF in the preferred language.

In the document go to: Rules for Activators > Scoring.


And each chasing operator is allowed to give the own callsign and for example the club station callsign.
Working the activator on multiple bands and modes does not count multiple times toward the four QSO.

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But it’s fun, and I enjoy it. :wink: One should definitely try it. Especially to spot the differences between the bands. Very interesting at least!

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I totally agree Daniel.

But I guess the original question was on the success or fail of an activation and not on fun and experimenting.