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A remarkable story about a mans passion for mountains


Yesterday after an successful activation of OE/OO-340 (Tamberg) mostly on 2m FM/SSB and 17m SSB about half way heading down from the summit I met a guy. He told me that it is his 4400 time hiking up this summit. You can imagine that I was surprised.
Usually he hikes the summit twice a day, summer and winter. From the parking spot to summit about 590m elevation. His name is Gerhard.

Furthermore that during the past 12,5 years Gerhard has collected and logged more than 5 million meters of cumulative elevation gain. Also including other summits in the region.
I learnt that he is the priest of the town Vorderstoder nearby and the town has celebrated his 3000 hike of Tamberg by naming the path: “Pfarrerweg” (the trail of the priest).

Today I found an article (Upper-Austrian newspaper, german language):
It describes that he had a stroke and was half-body paralyzed for a while after and could not talk. Instead of rehabilitation he decided to climb 100 mountains in a year. Looks like he continued on from then.

Here a picture:

An inspiring story about willpower and the capabilities of our body.

73 de Joe


The sign says:

Snoeshoes for Tamberg
Lending allowed
Stealing forbidden
Pastor Gerhard Hackl


Hello Martin,

That’s a very nice addition to the story.
When was this picture taken?

73 Joe

In December 2017

This same happened to me back in 1982 after a car accident.
Without having hiked 4400 times a mountain, I can say that the force of the will and the physical exercise of both my speaking and my upper and lower limbs was the only way to fully recover.
Nice story.
Thanks for sharing.



Hello Guru,

Thank you for sharing your story too.

73, Joe

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Thanks for sharing these amazing stories…:+1:

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