A rather fine SOTA trip to Gran Canaria. Roque Nublo (EA8/GC-002)

Thanks Manuel,

Roque Nublo was very quiet when we arrived. There were few people around so it felt OK to start climbing. By the time we reached the top, which I admit took a couple of hours, there was a lot of people walking about below us. The route was very clean with no loose blocks, but the top was scary. If I had knocked stones off the top I could see myself facing an involuntary manslaughter charge!

Happily we took care and shouting before we rappelled down cleared people out of the firing line.

I see that there are still many unactivated peaks in HB9 to keep you busy.



Still are - or else thay have taken our money for the February trip for no reason (Government restrictions permitting).

Madeira is permanent “Spring” although two years ago it was in the mid 20’s in December!
I am not fit enough to rock climb anymore but even some of the easier hills can offer a challenge!!

Respect! Great stuff Colwyn.

73 Simon

Thanks Fraser

Sun hat and factor 30 sun block also required to avoid sunburn!


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Thanks Barry

I hear that France is stopping people arriving from the UK! Hopefully you’ll still be OK to travel out in February and enjoy the permanent Spring on Maderia.


Fantastic Colwyn,

6b+ well done. Roque Nublo was on my todo list for 2022.

Is that an inverted V linked dipole antenna that you used?



Hi Shane,

Roque Nublo is a splendid day out so I recommend you go for it. The 6b+ grade was actually OK as there are fixed bolts for long rests, if you need them? I certainly did!

The antenna was an EFHW with a trap for 20m/40m. The pole was only about 2.5 metres high. Around the edge of the summit there are a few old rusty bolts (steel bolts and alloy hangers) which were handy for tying the end of the EFHW wire, but I would not have wanted to use them to abseil back down. There was enough space for the antenna, but be aware that it is not a huge summit area.

Thankfully glued stainless steel abseil stations have been installed for belaying and abseiling.