A Question Please

I look at SOTAWATCH 3 , Spots and alerts and I see some say " Not Recognised " which brings me to my question as after having recent problems with not being logged etc. I tend to check each night the contacts I have had and whether they have been logged etc and I find the ones that said " Not Recognised " have not, so does this mean that it is silly to log that contact and I should ignore the spot and contact please ?

Best 73 de 2E0AGB Allen

An operator listed as Not Recognised means that SW3 was not able to determine the person’s name based on their callsign, nothing more. You can log them if they were valid SOTA contacts.

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Thanks Andrew

This often happens with UK stations if if they may be logged in if, for example, their callsign is G9XXX, but they are operating as GW9XXX.

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As a chaser, I foundI was missing a few chases.Blame it on fat fingers, but Ihad inadvertently added an extra chacter when logging my call.

If it’s chilly on a mountain top, it happens

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