A question for the HB9 members

Hi all

I was entering my summits onto Google Earth and noticed that a feature shows on HB/SG-017 Hinterrugg which needs explanation. To the north of the summit there are two parallel diagonal lines of what must be man-made constructions. They look like either very large pipes or walls but I cannot zoom close enough to decipher them.
Can any of our Swiss friends tell me what they are please?

(To see them, click on Summits at the top of this page >Switzerland> St Gallen>Hinterrugg>Google Earth)

Thank you

In reply to G4CMQ:

Looks like an avalanche barrier, but maybe somebody from HB9 can confirm that.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

Hi David,

yes Jaakko is right. These are two 100m long avalanche barriers.
I´ve just put a photo of “Hinterrugg” of my last activation
12/10/2007 to Flickr.
If you enlarge it you see part of the barriers.


Vy73 and all the best


In reply to DL4FDM:

Thank you Fritz and also to Jaacko for your explainations and images. They are massive barriers and I have not noticed them on any other hills.

Best 73’s