A question for the database guys.

Howdy all.

On 2013-06-20 I activated OK/KA-037. My call then was KD9KC.

On 2015-06-17 I activated OE/TI-670. My call then was KD5KC.

When I check MY ACTIVATOR REGIONS < SOTA Database>

I see my activations for DL, DM, FL, HB, HB0, LX. ON and PA. And a number in the USA of course. But my activity for OE and OK is missing from this list. I thought at first perhaps it was because I changed calls. But only the OK was as KD9KC, the OE was KD5KC. So it isn’t logical (although still possible I guess) that it is a callsign issue. The activations do show up when I check MY ACTIVATOR LOG by YEAR (2013 and 2015). I’m sure I am missing some point here, but I can’t see it. I’d appreciate if someone could point me to the mistake I’m making.


Mike – KD5KC.

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The page displays how much of a region you have currently activated and only considers valid summits. If it included summits no longer valid and you had not activated them then you would never be able to get to 100%. In your case the summits in question are no longer valid and so as you have not activated any valid summits in those regions, the regions don’t show.

The page My Statistics shows the all the associations and regions you have worked along with other info such as all the callsigns you have used etc.


I’ve been hit by this for some PA summits. Once I worked out what was going on and why I pondered the opposite solution…

Include activated summits that are not valid in the count but calculate the percentage using the current valid count. This would mean that some people would see more than 100% for a region which would in one sense be correct because they have activated more than the currently possible 100%.


…but then, with some associations, long-time activators might even have several hundred percent of an association apparently activated while in fact having activated none of the presently valid summits… That’s an edge case, obviously, but only counting the presently valid summits makes a lot more sense for most folk.

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So if I activate a summit - ANY SUMMIT - and later that summit is removed from the program for any reason, that association activated no longer shows in the stats?

Meaning I basically never activated in OE and OK? Two days wasted driving and activating for no gain? Doesn’t seem right…

I’m sure glad I didn’t go to those summits more than once! That would have been a bigger waste of time.

Mike --KD5KC.

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Please read my reply again. Then read it a third time. And possibly again.

The Activator Regions page is to show how much of every current region you have activated. It shows as a percentage how much of the region you have activated and it only includes the currently active summits so that everybody’s scores are based on the same datum. Otherwise people active before the major culling of invalid summits in DM and OK would have massive completion values that newcomers cannot match.

You activations of summits whether valid or not are shown in your activator log from the Activator Honour Roll, your activator uniques from Activator Uniques. If you had S2S contacts or completed the summits which are now no longer valid then they will appear in the S2S and Complete pages. And as I already stated they also appear in the regions activated on the My Statistics pages.

I make that as appearing on at least 5 places where your activations of no longer valid summits are still shown. And you still have the points for the summits. The fact they do not appear on the one page you are misusing is moot.

So please wind your neck right back in and look at all the data the Database pages are showing you about your activation history before throwing your teddy out of the pram and stamping your feet like a toddler.

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No - I get that Andy. After reading your message I did go and have a look. The MY ACTIVATOR REGIONS and the MY CHASER REGIONS were just a much simpler and easier view of just the data. The MY STATS is a much larger data-set to dig through, although the activator stats are on the top.

I apologize if my tone came across as brash… it was not intended so.

Wishing you all the best. We’re retired now, and living the dream.

Mike – KD5KC.


Andy showing fine form in this supportive and encouraging message from a member of the core SOTA Management Team.


Andy showing fine form in this supportive and encouraging message from a member of the core SOTA Management Team.

Naaaaa… nothing to it Rob. Andy and I are cool. Andy knows I threw my Teddy out long ago. I have a dog now. :rofl: Fact is, E-mail and other forms of written communication is easy to mis-read, lacking in tonal inflection and body language… and too many people look to be offended where no offense was intended these days. We call it playing the “Victim Card”.

I replied to Andy’s message before I really dug into the other list formats. I really did appreciate the simplicity of the single list for ACTIVATOR or CHASER. But Andy is right in that the data is still available on another list. It is just a larger and less simplistic list. And I really liked the SIMPLE LIST. I just need to train myself to look at the more complicated list when I need a reminder of what countries I’ve visited. Been all over your country BTW, I’m surprised we’ve never had a QSO. Last visit was June, my nephew DO5AL and I did 5,000 km activating 5 countries and 11 summits.

And Rob, if you find yourself visiting West Texas, drop in. We’ll gas up the JEEP and have a good time.

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC.


Fair enough, Mike, well said. Andy and I are anything but cool, but that’s another story.

My beef with his message is basically one of optics - IMHO, it just doesn’t look good for MT members to publicly berate and belittle a user in such a supercilious manner. I know for a fact that, if I were to have written such a thing in the Reflector, the thread would have been closed tout suite by the moderator … BEFORE it got out of hand.

If I’m ever down your way, I’ll look you up!
Cheers, Rob

Rgr that Rob - I can see your point.

Next time I visit DL, nephew DO5AL and I have plans for OZ and SP, and -=MAYBE=- OK and OE again, plus some new states in DL (I have Bavaria, Hessen, Thuringia and Saxony so far). Perhaps I’ll make it into your region. Plan is for summer 2024, unless some unplanned family event requires us to go early.


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