A poem about my YouTube channel, by ChatGPT

Just out of interest, I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about my YouTube Channel:

I should pull my finger out and make some new content.
73 Matt


It’s also not bad at “creating” haikus:

A channel of waves
OE6FEG shares his passion
Radios sing on.


I’ll have to ask ChatGPT about my channel. Need to come up with some more content. I did see a youtube channel that asked ChatGPT for some Questions for his channel. His channel is motorbike Vlogging and he got some interesting questions. Might be worth a try for some content?

Id like to feed it a pileup and ask for every callsign calling. That might be a trifle for it but the poetry questions aren’t very demanding.

If it can decode pileups, would that constitute outside assistance like using a repeater?

I did like the poem. And the haiku.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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Let’s upgrade the human band polices and enjoy how they argue among themselves. Just to make our traffic 5 kHz down without their QRM, hi.

  1. Markus
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