A plea from the Outer Rim HI


here on the Outer Rim of the European continent we often miss a Chase as some Central European operators only activate on 40m as it allows plenty of qsos to qualify very easily for them. , maybe some 30m (and 60m very popular) but some never show on 20m. It would be really appreciated in EI and G if 20m became more of a feature.




The reverse is also true Declan,
Many UK stations only activate on 60m (often not in the part that we in Europe (including EI) are allowed to use) and UK/EI stations 40m (and 30m CW) and not 20m, so that I have no chance of successfully chasing them from down here in Southern Bavaria.

It must be said however that 20 metres and above are more problematic as if the MUF isn’t high enough across the path - you wont get through - the band may even be totally dead.

As always, activators have the right to activate where they want to and no chaser can dictate otherwise. Often adding another band can mean adding extra weight to the backpack.

Remember an activator only “needs” 4 contacts to get the points for a summit. It is only out of kindness that most activators will work more chasers.

73 Ed
DD5LP (Chaser & Activator).

Yes Ed, all agreed and no attempt to dictate to any Activator only a gentle reminder that Europe is more that just the central continent.
I always try to work 20/30/40m on each activation and stay at least an hour on the summit to give as many Chasers as possible a chance, weather permitting of course… I am always interested to see some MG who’s call I have never heard in 40 years daily DXing and Contesting, I guess maybe VHF only or 4 qso guys explains it.

Best 73


Perhaps today wasn’t typical but I was doing some chasing this morning from a campsite in north east England and almost the only bands being used were 40m and 20m. There was a lot of 20m SSB and I had a very clear QSO with HB9CRY/P. There was some 20m CW too. 60m and 30m were being used as well but not much.

I suspect it might have been different on another day but 20m propagation was forecast to be good today so perhaps that was why it was being used?

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All the chases I did today (from near the Severn) were on 30 metres. It was working reasonably well into EA, OE, HA, 9A and S5. However, for EI from here I usually need to go lower, but even on 40 some summits on the east of EI are sometimes in skip. For them, 60 metres would probably work best.