A nice joint SOTA activation in DL with great company

I had a business trip to Hannover, Germany, and decided to activate a SOTA summit while out there with two really good friends I chase on a regular basis :slightly_smiling_face:

What a fantastic time on ‘Schalke’ DM/NS-008 yesterday with Chris @DL1CR and Uwe @DK8OA working all different bands and modes :grinning: I managed to log 31 stations in total on 40/20-CW and 40-SSB, unfortunately conditions weren’t on our side but the company was great - what a day, thank you very much both!

We even had a log cabin on top of an 8 point summit?? Luxury SOTA I call this :rofl: great times.

Thank you very much to all the stations who called into us :+1: please find a few images below of us surrounded by the mist at 762m ASL having a great time!

73, DL/G4BML/p. Ben


SOTA is a good way to make a business trip a win-win-win event, hi! Despite the terrible weather of the last days . . .

Tnx for the QSO and vy 73,


Dear Ben, dear Uwe,
thank you for this emotional activation. The walk through the dense fog was like in a fairy tale and the many conversations were very interesting.

Without you, Uwe and I would not have been able to experience this. I look forward to your next visit in a year.

73 Chris


Today in the morning I had a chat with DG9OBI from the Harz. He sent me greetings from “two guys who were doing a SOTA activation somewhere in the Harz on Sunday.” As he couldn’t remember their callsigns and Sunday would be a highly unusual activation day for Chris, it took me some time to find out that it must have been you, Chris and Uwe. Now I see, you even had Ben with you! Good to hear you guys had a great activation at the finest spring weather the Harz could deliver. :rofl:


PS: Damn! Once again I missed to complete Schalke.


Hi Pom, I well remember the QSO with DB9OBI, who also immediately mentioned your name.

While Ben was busy on HF, we operated the 2m SSB with 5W on the simple dipole. Really not good conditions, but at least 4 random qsos.

73 Chris


I thought Schalke was Gelsenkirchen :wink::wink::wink:

My father was from Dortmund, Inky. :smiling_imp:

I had 8 years in Do. :+1:t6:

BORSIGPLATZ! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

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Sorry Ben I didn’t mean to hijack your thread. Great report, makes me very jealous. I miss my trips to DL etc. My partner isn’t up to traveling at the moment but I live in hope. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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**Hi Ben,
i enjoy the activation with you on this very misty summit very much.
It has been a pleasure for me . Hope to see you next year. Than we will do a new summit and **and an other pub.
Best regards to you and your family.

Next time , Pom.

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