A New G SOTA Summit!

Well, not quite. The latest edition of MARHOFN arrived this morning, and while there isn’t (thankfully, from this Database updater’s point-of view!) a batch of renominations, name changes, grid reference changes and summit additions/deletions, there is one small change.

Chanctonbury Hill G/SE-009 now becomes Chanctonbury Ring G/SE-009. This is due to some resurveying that reveals that Chanctonbury Ring, around half a kilometre to the East of the trig point, is the highest point in the vicinity, 2m higher than the previous “summit”.

So there is a very slight name change, the height goes up from 238m to 240m ASL, and the new grid reference is TQ139120. It doesn’t get a new SOTA reference or provide for a new unique, because the summit location moves only within the activation zone.

I have updated the SOTA Database, and passed the information to Jon and James for SOTAwatch and the G ARM respectively.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:

Interesting! I always thought that the “Ring” was slightly higher, but assumed that the man-made earthworks were the reason it was not the named summit. I have operated from both, the activation area being so flat. The ring of trees provides shelter in inclement weather, but acts as a natural magnet for walkers and so can get rather busy. The trig point is about 100m north of the main path, and has a convenient fence nearby, so is probably a better spot for SOTA operations - and it’s 500m closer to the car park!

73 de Les, G3VQO