A little bit of respect to activators (Part 1)

Hang on a minute - whilst I’m sure no one would wish to deny Fraser his deserved patio heater on every summit upgrade, this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the MT to tackle the blight that sweeps large parts of the world - the dreaded ‘Mountain Famine’.

For example, here in East Anglia we have lots of suitable ground, The Fens, which have already been levelled ready for the team of MT bulldozers to move in. By adopting a simple policy of “no one should be more than half an hour from a 10 pointer” the MT could both eradicate Mountain Famine and at the same time reduce the overwhelming pressure on areas such as the Lake District.


Exactly! If they can do it in Belgium, why not here too? Another reason we should have Remained!

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Since it’s rather difficult to ‘educate’ a large number of chasers (who might even think that their behaviour is ok), it could be useful for activators to take a look here: DX University

Wayne and Martti are well known DX-peditioners and some of their thoughts - especially chapter 7 - apply to SOTA as well.
It’s worth reading :wink:

In any case I would like to emphasize that SOTA chasers are a bunch of great operators. There are only a few black sheep.

73, Roman


… Roman, you speak from my heart!

What would we activators be without them?

73 Chris


Hensbarrow Down - G/DC-008 is home grown!
Unfortunately it replaced an existing hill. Dig for china clay in East Anglia?


A side note, I might be at G/DC-008 and others w/c 20th March

Fear not, your MT are already working on this. The replacement of G/DC-004 by the higher G/DC-008 is a prototype following a prolonged feasability study. After a rigorous evaluation of the prototype we are in the planning stage of replacing the waste of space known as the “Norfolk Broads” with a 2 point summit with all mod. cons. including a five star restaurant with a bar, and a toilet block. If this is a success a higher summit will be constructed further south and some of those piddling little SE and SC summits will be built up to gain winter bonuses.


You would also need to supply him with an everlasting supply of blondes too :rofl:

Sorry ladies, probably inappropriate! :innocent:

No doubt this summit would only be available to activators who subscribe to the £49 a month SOTA Plantinum service. 4 contacts on 2 m handie guaranteed and you can activate it for points once a week.


Plus as a bonus a guaranteed regular monthly occurrance of a ducting anticyclone to maximise S2S potential.


I guess you must also have received the MT mail with the offer to elevate our current monthly subscription level for MGs from £49 to £69 to also include transport to and from the summit. Whilst the overall response to the limited trial was positive, my issue remains the severe restriction they have put on maximum luggage weight set at 100 kg only. Let’s hope they reconsider.


Until all the paths have been upgraded, can we have a boot washing service at trail heads? Winter mud levels are frankly off the scale.

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This will take time to install, but we are considering splatcher rentals.

What’s this guying business! I only use a ground spike and stick the pole on top, or in my last activation stick the pole in the summit ice cube! :wink:


Bringing it back on topic…

These appeals for better behaviour from chasers are a waste of time. I guarantee that every chaser (and I use the term here in a generic rather than SOTA-specific sense) acknowledges the problem, but doesn’t believe that they themselves are part of that problem. This is why these appeals are pointless, and why indeed things don’t improve.

As I have explained before, the solution lies entirely with the activator (or the DX). Stick to your guns. Only work the station you have started working, however long it takes. Only respond to partials you have requested. If a QRG becomes unworkable with the nonsense, QSY. Ultimately, if you’ve got your 4 QSOs, go QRT if you wish. Problem solved! Put disruptive callers to the back of the queue. Switch bands and/or modes. Reduce power. Lots of ways of keeping control of your frequency and maintaining good order, and only the activator can do it.

I think Brian @G8ADD has explained well the reasons it will always be a bunfight for the chasers. The solution is in the activators’ hands.


Or the fact you’ve got to walk up a hill!! Its terrible!! :grimacing: What with that and the fact that SOTA only have a couple of 1 point tiddlers near where I live. I just don’t know how I cope frankly!! :grin:

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My comments are :- When I joined Sota I thought it was all QRP but I soon learned it wasn’t. which IMHO I think is a shame, for as an M7 I got all over the world on 10watts.
My old friend Guru always used to say to have patience and I think he was right. ok if having waited for half hour or so then it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t get the contact.


Not when they evolve into other topics :wink:

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You can probably guess by my callsign what power level I chase at… :wink: Even with that, if I hear a S2S call, I back off until they connect.

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