A kind request for a possibility to update 1 QSO in the SOTA database

Dear all and the database specialists:

When clicking around SOTLAS I’ve discovered recently that the number of 2 m and FM QSOs differ by 3, but I operate only in FM on 2 m. Could locate the 3 QSOs quickly where I had kept entering “SSB” instead of “FM” erroneously.

Unfortunately, there is no “Update” link at the end of each QSO entry in the detail view of an activation to change simple details like the QSO mode. So I updated the SOTA upload CSV file and investigated for the good way to upload it again, since the database doesn’t allow to override existing data.

I finally had to

  • delete 3 activations 1 by 1, since the typo was on a day with multiple activations in 1 CSV upload file;
  • additionally delete all S2S contacts of these 3 activations, and this 1 QSO by 1 QSO, too (!);
  • upload the correction CSV file.

I managed fortunately despite my Varilux glasses to proceed without deleting the wrong lines in the S2S log. But I tried to imagine my SOTA fellow told recently to correct a typo in 1 of his SOTA entries for the Swiss Activation Day with >100 QSOs and many S2S QSOs! :roll_eyes:

I think that there might be sideways for specialists to amend such a detail with less effort and risk. But I suggest to the database heads to introduce for the simple minded users like me an “Update” link to amend/update (only) 1 particular QSO selectively. I would highly appreciate such.

Thanks in advance, and vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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When you’ve made as many database entry errors as I have, the process for correcting the data becomes very fast, efficient and almost second nature to complete.

The alternative is that you’ve not made very many mistakes, so only occasionally need to go through the edit process - so IMO, it’s not worth developing the feature you request.

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We almost have that functionality but we are reticent to enable it as a QSO delete would have to trigger a rescore of the activation set for that year which is a relatively costly database operation, and if some one decided to delete say 15 QSOs in a 60 QSO activation, that’ll be 15 rescores if they do it one by one.