A hill too far?

Hi All

This was my last planned evening activation of the season, and I knew it would be a bit marginal. I won’t whinge on about the trials and tribulations other than to say that the carpark shown on the map is no longer, and the woodland surrounding the summit is undergoing extensive management work apparently being undertaken with the aid of very large tracked excavators, and involving churning it into a nightmare of mud and broken trees. Not a place to be wandering round in the increasing darkness…

Didn’t find the trig point, and retired to the edge of the wood to operate. It was by now fully dark, and I was not a happy bunny. Stewart 'LGS’s return to my second call was most welcome, and his spot (thanks Stewart) started a good run of calls from regular chasers. My spirits began to lift, and when Phil 'OBK announced I had given him his last unchased SC it all began to seem worthwhile! As I finished with Phil I heard 'CWI asking if I’d got CW (I hadn’t but the writing’s on the wall - I’ve wished I had so often lately to complete borderline QSO’s it’s just got to be done!)but fortunately I managed to work him anyway, giving him 3x3 and receiving a report of 3x1 - doesn’t get much more borderline than that!

By this time I was well cheered up, so much so that I didn’t even swear (much) when I plunged knee deep into a muddy puddle on the walk back down the churned up forest ride.

Apologies to all my contacts last night for moaning so much, and thanks to all for the terrific support I’ve had throughout this season of evening activations. Looking forward to next year, just got to persuade my employers to send me somewhere where there are plenty of new hills for me to do…

73 de Paul G4MD

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I spent half an hour looking for the trig point in broad daylight & couldn`t find it. I wonder if it went on Ebay. This hill is so flat you could get away with a TW-004 style side of the road activation if pushed. I went into the woods to the approx summit & was amazed how 40m & 60m seemed to be unaffected by the trees.

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Seek and ye shall find!

The trig was there last year according to the reports.


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It’s wearing camouflage I see…

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gone, they seem to have bulldozed a 12m wide ride right over the summit of the hill!

Be interested to hear if anyone does find it.(Even on eBay!)

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G1INK:

Hi Steve glad it’s not only me!

The activation area for this summit is huge, with a variety of lanes and parking spots available - although not the one shown on the maps at ST228162. A good summit for those less able to walk/climb to activate.

The management works should hopefully open up the woodland at the summit and make VHF/UHF activation easier. It would be nice to think that the trig is still in there somewhere!

73 de Paul G4MD