A good day today, I joined sloathdom!

On 12th January this year I logged my first point as a chaser, today I logged the magic 1000th and shortly afterwards I logged my 250th unique, so all in all a very good day. Since January I have also been activating in GI & EI and so far have 126 points and18 uniques, so it’s going to take a little longer to achieve MG status but hopefully we, (MI0JST & me), will get many more activations this year. If the wx is suitable on Tue we hope to do another couple of first time activations.

73 and thanks to all the activators and chasers.

Victor GI4ONL

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Well done!

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Well done Victor and thanks for your contribution to my recent activations of Aconbury, G/WB-024 (MI0JST also) and Garreg Lwyd, GW/MW-014 which has your callsign incorrectly logged by me. (I will try to correct it shortly.) Every little helps and I am hoping to join the legion of sloths myself before too long.

Hope to catch you on a summit sometime,

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Well done Victor, that’s impressive work.
I logged my first chaser point on 18th January this year and this morning hit 200 points and 50 uniques. That’s a long way behind you!
I’ve only got 3 activator points but hope to maybe do a couple of GI summits at the end of the month :wink:

Good luck with the next 1000 and I’ll keep my ears open for more GI and EI summits.

73 Pete

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Wow, that’s something over 11 points and a couple of uniques a day!

73, Rick M0LEP

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Many congratulations on your achievement Lionel - speedy or what? Looking forward to working you again when you are out on the summits… hopefully S2S one day.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Well done Victor. That is quite an achievement.

Hope to catch you on many more activations.


Congratulations Victor on achieving the Shack Sloth and 250 chaser uniques.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

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Well done Victor, a cracking achievement indeed. I have spoken to the other Victor on your outings, but you have eluded me so far. Keep up the good work.

Roddy 2m0iob

Congratulations Victor also for achieving 100 activator points and congratulations to Victor MI0JST for achieving 100 activator points.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

Thanks for all the kind remarks. I almost made it an even more significant day but alas working a W1 sota station eluded me. Had I been able to snare one I would have achieved Gold Mountain Hunter status - oh well I will just have to keep trying !

(oops just spotted the spelling mistake in the title of my first post)


Victor, GI4ONL

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Well done Victor you old sloth! Hope to get a day in the hills with you later in the week.

73 Victor MI0JST.

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Congratulations Victor, it’s good to see more SOTA activity from GI.

Looking forward to working you S2S or even meet on a summit.

Darrell GI4KSO

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Hi Victor

Nice to work you from GI/AH-010 the other day.

Very well done on achieving the Sloth.



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Hi Dave yeah good to work you from GI. I am curious, does BSBZ mean anything to you?


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Hi Victor

A smaller world than I ever thought!

I bought BZ in 1992 and sold it about 10-11 months ago…

Ping me an email at the QRZ address.



White and green?




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