A good couple of days SOTA chasing

This week has been a good week for SOTA chasing and a first for me!
So far this week;
GW4TQE/p - GW/NW-042
G0MHF/p - G/SP-017
M0WCW/p - G/SP-012
2W0JYN/p - GW/NW-062
M0JKS/p - G/SP-004
SV2RUJ/p - SV/MC-045
G0EVV/p - G/LD-026

My 1st HF SOTA via FT-857D / Ebay 1.8-30mhz ATU100 (N7DCC) / HamPro Mobile 20m Antenna mounted to the roof rack of my Land Rover was to SV2RUJ/p(Stavros) - SV/MC-045. Conditions not great with noise but workable and then went away, but enough for a contact.

I was hoping to chase some GM SOTA but I had to drive back to my home office to do some actual work.

With the exception of Stavros, all were 59 report.
Cheers and 73
M0VAZ - John


Good list there, well done! Likewise, it’s been a great chasing week for me too - not much work has been done this end while listening out and trying to make myself heard. All on 2m FM, apart from Viki MW6BWA on Beacon Hill where we managed a 2m and a very scratchy 70cm QSO.

Great to have SOTA back. Loving it!

Call Ref Name
M0TYM/P G/WB-006 Caer Caradoc Hill
GW4TQE/P GW/MW-013 Corndon Hill
M6BWA/P G/WB-017 Shobdon Hill
2W0XYL/P GW/NW-044 Moel Famau
GW4TQE/P GW/NW-042 Moel y Gamelin
MW6BWA/P GW/MW-009 Beacon Hill
MW6BWA/P GW/MW-009 Beacon Hill
2W1PJE/P GW/NW-042 Moel y Gamelin
G4AZS/P G/WB-003 Stiperstones
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Hi John, welcome aboard! Good to hear that the HF chasing is off to a good start.

Hi James, thank you for the contact and the spot earlier, much appreciated.


Hi Adrian - a pleasure to speak to you for the first time! Incidentally after we finished, your next QSO to 2W1PJE came over at signal 9 to me - not sure if you moved position on those spiky rocks or you upped the power but it was so much clearer! How do you find the FT-70D? - I’m in the market for a next stage handheld…and this looks good.

Thanks again for the chase, John! I hope to hear you again soon. 73 John.

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Hi James, I did move around relative to the nearby rocks, which probably accounts for the improvement - interesting to know.

I bought the FT70D last year, and it hasn’t seen a lot of action yet, but it seems well made and is nice to use. I’m pleased with it so far.

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Thanks Adrian. I’ve read battery life is/was a bit short but I guess that can be remedied with a spare!

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Hi G4AZS. I am a long time lurker! I dont get many HF SOTA but now I have a mobile mount/FT-857D I might get a few more.

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To round off the week with two final SOTAs
2E0YYY/P (Only Just as QRM got in the way on 14.270mhz this morning) - The Gun (not The Cloud as originally stated)
2W0JYN/P -2m - Hope Mountain

Hi John,

Are you sure about those summits? It could well be that they are correct and weren’t spotted on SOTAwatch, but that would be highly unusual.

I’d double check those if I were you.


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My mistake, Tom. Not The Cloud but The Gun.sp13


I don’t think Steven was on Hope Mountain either.

Well thats where he said he was. Not sure how I prove that when replying to a SOTA call?

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Fair enough. It looks like he did a second summit that never got spotted on SOTAwatch. The only one that got spotted was a couple of hours earlier when he was on Cyrn-y-Brain.

The battery life isn’t great but the indicator comes on very early, so you do have a fair bit of life left, before it dies.

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Hi Tom/John

I logged him there, from Gun as well. I was made up with six S2S’s!

I plan to activate a couple of summits in the G/SP region over the next 2-3 days if people want to bag a few more points.

My planned activations are all in the alerts (along with intended bands/modes). I will update if there are any changes.

Current plan is:-

G/SP-002 Black Hill tomorrow (Monday) afternoon,
G/SP-004 Shining Tor & G/SP-001 Kinder Scout on Tuesday.
I might activate G/SP-013 Gun if I have time (to be confirmed) early Wednesday morning.

I will also be running APRS on my ascent if anyone wants to track me.

If anyone has any specific bands/modes that they want please let me know. I will accommodate it if I can.