A fond farewell to SOTA...

Hi all,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the advice, help, contacts and accumulated knowledge that I have had the pleasure of receiving and the virtual friends I’ve made while I’ve been an active member of this forum.

I’m about to set myself up as self employed, and needed to raise some cash to accomplish this. After selling my guitar collection and film cameras recently, it’s time to sell my SOTA setup to invest in the business.

I do hope to return to the airwaves in the future, and will still be heading for the hills, albeit sans radio…

Will pop in from time to time to catch up and see how you’re all doing :+1:

Thanks again, and happy SOTA’ing :slightly_smiling_face:



Good luck on your new venture, Bob, and come back soon!


Good luck with your business venture. Hope that we will see you back soon.

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