A flu - pro's and contra's

Yes, I’ve got a flu. It can sounds not too good, though. I’m phoned to my company and said that I should take a day off. So, now I can drink a lot of tea, eat honey, sometimes lie on a bed, and sometimes listen to the radio :). Well, let’s go. I’m turned on my TRX, switced on the SOTAwatch, and started the game. Two contacts with OE/DL4CW/p and HA6OY/p gave me the last 12 points for the Shack Sloth ‘2010 only’ (yes, I’m already have one dated 2009, but I have to have some target for 2010, isn’t it?). So, I can say, that a flu sometimes is not too bad as it seems to be for not SOTA people :).

73! & CU! Alex UT4FJ