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A "don't agree" button?

First of alll - I hope this post is in the right section as I don’t see a sub section for the reflector application.

My suggestion, is, as we have a “like” button for posts, wouldn’t it be correct to have a “don’t like” or “Disagree” button as well.

While not wanting to get into any arguments, on occasions, I would like to register my feeling that a suggested action in a post is (in my humble opinion) a bad idea that wouldn’t benefit SOTA.

I already use the “like” button when I see something that I think is a good suggestion and agree with.

While the stats show how many "like"s a person has, I do not think a “dislike” total is needed - purely that we would see - almost like a mini-poll under a post, what people think.

73 Ed.


even Facebook didn’t add a dislike button :slight_smile: It can be very tricky!

I :heart: the :broken_heart: idea :grin:

I dislike the dislike idea. I think if anyone wants to openly register disapproval on here, they should at least have the courtesy to explain themselves.


I thought that you are not obliged to express your opinion to anything and everyone? :wink:

IMHO you provide either both like/dislike options or you provide neither like/dislike options. Why provide one and not the other? You either provide the ability to voice your opinion or you don’t provide the ability to voice your opinion. You don’t provide the ability to voice only one-sided opinions.

This goes for SOTAwatch as well as FaceBook (which uses the like button as a promotion tool to generate extra traffic to all the linked Friends).

Yes, I would be inclined to vote for the removal of the like button - if you have an opinion, stand up like a man and state it, or let the others get on with it without the benefit of your superior knowledge and experience!:wink:


Easily done. Just requires a click on a button.

I use the Like button as a polite acknowledgement. It doesn’t necessarily mean agreement - it could be that I found the post interesting or amusing / liked the photo / thought it was a good point well made etc. To add a post to say so just stretches out the thread - though it is sometimes nice to explain what you liked…depends on the context.

Can’t think of a circumstance in which I would hit the Dislike button, or what I would hope to achieve by doing so.
If I did, I’d probably feel mean and regret doing so! :wink:


What’s that saying… “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” So we have a like button and we don’t have a dislike button. Posts and threads that generate likes are known to be positively received by the SOTArati. Things that people really don’t like will generate posts were they say they don’t like/disagree.

We have a like button which means it’s easy to show approval. By having no dislike button you have to be motivated to show disapproval by writing something so only the real moans get voiced and we don’t get token down votes.


A “like” button avoids lots of “+1” posts too.


I’m the only one liking anything in this thread, just saying . . . :grin:


Surely all the functionality is already there? If you LIKE a post, click the LIKE button. If you DON’T LIKE a post, then DON’T click the LIKE button.



If Facebook doesn’t have one - that’s a VERY GOOD reason to have one (I’m not a fan of facebook, due to its atroticious security record).



Ah yes Tom but then that is a mixture of active and inactive behaviour.

In order to ensure all posts are reviewed actively without lengthening the thread, why don’t we have a “like:heart:, “don’t like:broken_heart: and an “on the fence:zzz: button?


Marc G0AZS

My concept of the “dont like” or perhaps better “dont agree” button would be better is not a moan, but as I said more like a mini-survey.
I find the like button useful to avoid adding exxtra length to a thread. My thought is a “dont agree” button would also save stretching the thread longer than it needs to be.
However I don’t think Discourse (the system behind the reflector) has this capability.


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Inactive is best if you’re feeling negative. The best way of dealing with stuff you don’t like is to ignore it - same as with QRM.

Alternatively engage in the debate by writing a comment. We really don’t want to be encouraging a load of silent assassins putting down a fellow SOTA participant like a bunch of lemmings do we?

I could agree with you Ed but then we’d both be wrong! :wink:

There was a (Trump) Yuuuuuuugggge (/Trump) fuss about Facebook getting a “don’t like” button this time last year, it was all over the press. I don’t use Facebook enough to have noticed if has appeared yet.

I think you’ve missed my thread Tom - where’s that “I don’t agree with you” button?

Seriously, it appears the majority of respondants are against the idea and from what I can see on Discourse, the software can’t do it easily in any case.

So having had this discussion I’m happy to drop it. Democracy rulez!


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For any matter needing a poll to measure positive and negative views on a specific subject, there is always the option of a poll.
Andrew vk1da

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