A different milestone

Sunday 14th July 2019 - The Cloud G/SP-015

Gig: Biscuit Brothers ft. Liam Read & Bandeoke
Venue: Broken Cross Club, Macclesfield

Afternoon gig, so I had a very restricted time window to nip out and get a walk/activation in during the morning. Especially after getting up late following a rotten night’s sleep.

It was deathly quiet on 2m FM - but this was to bring about an unexpected bonus. Just one contact - G1PHN from Cleehill - was made on the analogue mode.

In desperation / exasperation, I QSYd down to 144.6125MHz - the nominal C4FM centre of activity QRG.

To my astonishment, there was a loud and clear station chatting away. The display on my Yaesu FT70D told me it was G6PJZ. I then heard mention of SOTA - this was an activation in progress!

Andy G6PJZ/P was on Old Man of Coniston G/LD-013 - and despite only having the rubber duck at my end, a C4FM Fusion S2S QSO was made easily.

Andy had done really well and actually managed to qualify his summit on Fusion. I had no such luck and had to call it a day on two contacts - but the second was a belter!

So to the milestone. That afternoon’s gig was actually for my own party - to celebrate the Silver Wedding Anniversary of my XYL Marianne and myself.

It was a fantastic occasion with all our friends old and new, work colleagues old and new, family (mainly old) and, as usual for one of my events, a licensed amateur/SOTA activator count into double figures.

It was a little bit amazing when I reflected on 25 years of marriage and realised I’d spent over 17 of them doing SOTA!


Congratulation both of you,I had one of those memorable occasions over 30yrs ago.
I must remember to have a listen on fusion I have it on the same radio and aerial
I have worked you on the Gun analogue so there may be conditions to allow a contact on fusion.
73.Don G0RQL.


Congratulations to you both.

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Very congrats for those 25 years of marriage combined with 17 of SOTA.


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Well done to Marianne. I suppose your trips to Cloud give her some respite.


They did for 16 years. Now she’s started joining me on a lot more activations, as after all these years, she’s got really into walking!


Congratulations Tom and Marianne and all the best for the future.

Nick G4OOE

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Many congratulations Tom & also Marianne on 25 years. Just a distant memory for me.

I see the photos of you playing and singing but I can’t seem to get the audio. Nice cake!

73, John

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At present John, we have photos, we have audio, but not yet video with high quality sound - though that is being worked on.

Meanwhile, here’s some audio so you can at least hear what we sound like…


I really enjoyed that!

PS When anybody starts to talk about milestones I think of Miles Davis!

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OK, I just played that for my son, Andrew, who is a great prog fan. He was impressed.

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Nice one Brian. Although we actually didn’t do this one yesterday - not really a party song!

Congrats Tom and Marianne. May you have many more.

Mike, N4VBV

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Thanks for the S2S Tom. It was certainly a good start to my C4FM experiment. You were contact number 5 in that mode and very unexpected! Lovely audio (about a 52). I was using an FT 70D into an MFD.
Interestingly (IMHO :wink:) I heard you again later on FM and your readability had dropped to about a 3 or 4, whilst your signal appeared to strengthened slightly to maybe 4. I think you might have been trying to call me, but I was already in another QSO and didn’t find you again afterwards.
Congrats to you and Marianne (NI wives are the best :grin:)

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Ha ha.

Yeah I realised it was someone else you were going back to, not me, on analogue, so I shut up. I couldn’t hang around. If I’d been late for my silver wedding do, then divorce proceedings would have commenced before the actual anniversary date at the end of the month! (That’s the “flip side” of a GI XYL…!)

Still it works out as extra points for me as I’ll claim you on FM in the SWL section!

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92.125 miles :blush:

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Activation reports and lots of nice photos are now available here:

Guernsey Airport GU/GU-002 - Guernsey Airport GU-002
Le Moulin (Sark) GU/GU-001 - Le Moulin GU-001

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