A cracking day for chasers

What a belting day for the chasers today was. There was a superb mix of bands and modes available, so there was something available for everyone.

I managed 115 points which will take me a lot closer to my target of double slothdom, 20,000 chaser points, and semi retirement from chasing.

I hope every one else had a great day and would say a big thank you to the many activators who were active today.


Hi Mike,

Had a nice weekend as well but not so many points, although I can’t complain: 102 points in 2 days, and 20 uniques so all in all not so bad.

The Iota contest caused some QRM but less than I expected.

Have fun !


In reply to ON3WAB:

I endorse your comments Peter. Missed some hills due to very high local noise here. Never mind, I’m thinking of building a loop ant, that should sort it. I hope!!
I agree Mike, a big thanks to all those intrepid activators. 73 Jeff G4ELZ

In reply to ON3WAB:

Great stuff Peter, well done on your points and so many uniques too.

To Jeff, indeed, the activators were magniicant and in extreme heat in a lot of cases too.