A Couple of Anniversaries This Year

12 December 2021 is the 120th anniversary of Marconi’s first transatlantic radio signal but the day before, 11th December, is the 100th anniversary of the first shortwave transatlantic signal.

In some ways the latter is the more interesting as the Marconi signal was generated by sparks and represented a technology which was a dead-end. The shortwave signal, from what I can work out from the photographs, was generated with valves and thus used effectively, the same method we use today.

There’s some background on it here:


There are three web links in the article but only the last one still works.

I guess with everything going on at the moment folk may not be planning to commemorate these events but it might be worth thinking about.

Nothing to do with SOTA directly but perhaps a few summit to summits might be appropriate on the 11th or 12th? :slight_smile: